Hello world!

Welcome to SobeStreets v2.0

The previous incarnation of SobeStreets was little more than a T&A photo gallery of the the clubbers I photographed in the nightclubs. It was fun while it lasted, but I think it is definitely time to move on.

Today, our new focus at SBS is now on covering art, entertainment and community events happening in and around South Beach.

Also on deck we are working on doing profiles on some of the local characters that make South Beach so unique. These are not the pretty people you see on other websites. These are the real people of Sobe. The interesting ones. The ones who have a story to tell.

I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to my South Beach.



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  1. Their respect of copyright law and payscale is outrageous and disgraceful.

    Unfortunately there are too many fools out there who consider that ‘acceptable’.

    Conversely, they would not know licensing if it came up and hit them.

    They so need to go back to Guatemala. Maybe there that business model flies but not here.

    Good for you for moving on.

    – (it’s a secret)

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