Join One, See Them All

Join One, See Them All

M4 – Miami Museum Members Month
It was a lovely idea: throughout the month of February if you buy membership at one of the museums listed you receive a free pass to all the museums. I wanted to learn more so I Googled the information to find their web address.

Problem is, when I read that address I see it as ‘Join One, See the Mall’.

Oh, so I was wrong…. it’s not about promoting the museums at all. I just buy a membership at the museum so I can go… to the mall…?

Whoa, wait a minute now. I think someone is taking me for a ride. I can already go to the mall. It only costs $1.50 on the Metrobus… so why should I buy a membership at the museum? Where’s the deal here?

Well I figured it out right quick and had a good laugh at my expense. It still tickles every time I see that link I still read Join One, See the Mall.


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