Gratuitous Ricky Martin Post

Gratuitous Ricky Martin post

Ricky Martin’s South Florida Sell Off

Mama over at The Real Estalker tells us that Ricky Martin is listing yet another one of his mansions for sale.

I don’t know anything about real estate but I loves me some Ricky Martin.

You may know that Ricky has been very busy lately. After taping last year’s Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged CD/DVD Ricky kicked off his 8-month worldwide Blanco y Negro concert tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The tour took Ricky to Latin America, Canada, Europe and the United States.

During the second stop the tour made in Miami, Ricky received a key to the city and reopened the newly renovated The Filmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater with three nights of his highly acclaimed concert.

The next month, after closing the tour in New York at Madison Square Garden, Martin jetted off to Los Angeles to receive his well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ricky wasn’t done yet. A CD/DVD of the concert, Ricky Martin Live Black & White Tour was released on Nov 6th. The next day Ricky participated in the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year performance in tribute to Juan Luis Guerra.

Still not tired of the stage, Martin then hooked up with the Blue Man Group to open the Latin Grammy Awards.

Oh, and how could I forget, earlier in the year, Ricky and Italian pop star Eros Ramazzotti recorded the duet Non Siamo Soli/No Estamos Solos. The video was filmed in September on Española Way in South Beach.
I’m not going to embed the video because it plays automatically, but you can follow the links and feast on some serious eye candy.

Link to Youtube Non Siamo Soli video (Italian version)
Link to Youtube No Estamos Solos video (Spanish version)

Finally ready to enjoy some down time, Martin spent his birthday and Christmas holiday in his native Puerto Rico and then tortured millions of love-hungry females (and a few males) by spending the next couple of weeks in a bikini, sunning himself on a private yacht in the Caribbean.

Enjoy your vacation, Ricky! We love you!

To those of you who dedicate their lives to trolling the ‘Net and making stupid comments, the filters have already been set up to catch the usual trash that follows a Ricky mention. So please don’t waste my time and yours.

Don’t be a hata, bitches.

This has been a Gratuitous Ricky Martin Post


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