Romance in a Can

Romance in a Can

Romantic Film Festival

Romance in a Can, the only romantic film festival in the United States, is ongoing through Feb 24th. Many of the films have a brief cocktail reception prior to the show.

It wouldn’t be Sobe if it didn’t include Happy Hour, now would it?

Feb 12 Colony Theater 7:00pm Il mio miglior Nemico
Feb 13 Colony Theater 7:00pm Atlas de la geografía humana
Feb 13 Colony Theater 8:45pm Year of the Wolf
Feb 14 Miami Beach Cinematheque 8:30pm Girl Shy
Feb 14 Alliance 7:00pm Le Coeur des hommes
Feb 14 The Wolfsonian-FIU 7:00pm Du bist nicht allein!
Feb 14 Angles Hotel 9:00pm Shake It All
Feb 15 FIU M.E.A. Auditorium 7:00pm International Short Movie Selection
Feb 16 Books & Books, C.G. 7:00pm Atlas de la geografía humana
Feb 17 Mutiny 7:00pm When the Right Ones Comes Along
Feb 18 Mutiny 6:00pm Lora, a Story of Love
Feb 18 Mutiny 8:45pm Thicker than Water
Feb 19 MIDS 8:00pm Competition at Miami International Design School -free-
Feb 20 Soyka’s 7:00pm Short Movie Competition at D.A.S.H. at Soyka’s -free-
Feb 21 Miami Beach Cinematheque 8:30pm Yom Yom
Feb 22 Wallflower Gallery 7:00pm Dol, the Valley of Tambourines
Feb 23 Byron Carlyle Theater 7:15pm The Garden of Earthly Delights
Feb 24 Colony Theater 7:30pm Reds

Purchase Tickets online from Romance in a Can or by phone at 1-954-889-0875
Most ticket prices average $10-$20


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