Great Guinness Toast – Where? -updated

The Great Guinness Toast

Where? Where? Where?

The Great Guinness Toast

Everyone wants to know where to go for The Great Guinness Toast.

The answer is simple: Any place where Guinness beer is served.

Get all of your friend together, raise a glass at 11pm and you’re in.
To quote Chef Tell, “Very simple, very easy”.

Have someone take a picture of you all together and email it to the Guinness people.

It really is just that easy.

As a community service, we’ll start a list here of local watering holes serving Guinness beer. Add your favorite location in the comments and I will update this post for all to see.

  • Finnegan’s Way – Ocean Drive – Miami Beach
  • Finnegans’ 2 – Lincoln Road – Miami Beach
  • Finnegan’s on the River -Miami
  • The Playwright – 13th & Washington – Miami Beach
  • Ted’s Hideaway – 124 2nd Ave – Miami Beach
    (I’m guessing his other places will have Guinness too. Dewey’s? Liquor Lounge? Free Spirits?)
  • Big Pink – 2nd & Collins – Miami Beach
    (Stop laughing. I know we’re not an Irish pub, but I talked Keegan into it and we are so totally onboard!)
  • Lost Weekend – 218 Española Way – Miami Beach
  • Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant – 1430 Alton Rd – Miami Beach

Basically, almost all the local’s favorites will be in on the party.

Help me out people, where else can we go tomorrow night?

Note: Clarke’s said they will not be participating. I don’t know why, but that is their choice.
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