BRRRRR it’s cold outside

I thought I was just wimping out again. It is so cold in my apartment that I had to close the windows and put on a pair of socks.

Socks, people, socks.

That’s how cold it is in Miami today. After near-record highs yesterday a cold front moved through this morning that will leave us with chilly weather for the next couple of days.

You know, from time to time I enjoy the cool days. Change is always refreshing. But this particular change is coming at a very bad time. Today is the first day of the eagerly anticipated Winter Party Festival. That wonderful time of the year when thousands of toned and tanned half-nekkid boys descend on South Beach for 6 days of sun, music, sun, art, sun, fashion, sun, comedy, sun, and much more.

But this year, ironically, it will be cold for the Winter Party.

A big selling point of this festival, for me at least, is the ‘half-nekkid’ part but with this cold weather the boys will probably heed the sage advice of Channel 7’s Brent Cameron to “Cover yourself up.”

Damn you, Channel 7. Damn you to hell.


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