Photos – Napkin Nights – Suite 3-14-08

Hello everybody.

I would like to introduce to you some guy posing with my two new husbands.

I forgot to ask their names. Conversation probably won’t be a huge priority in this relationship. Let’s just call them First and Next.

The boys above link to the gallery on Miami Napkin Nights. This one does too:

You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet on updating posts this week. I am fighting with Earthlink right now to try to get my DSL line working again. It has been out since WEDNESDAY and I’m not bitter or anything, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT HAS BEEN FOUR DAYS NOW! WTF?

I’m rocking the dial-up in the meantime. Trying to post through my tears. Things should be back to normal shortly. Until then, please check out my pics on Napkin Nights and let my know what you think. My profile over there is TamiMiami

If you see me in the club come say hi. I will be at either Cameo or Mansion tonight. And Nikki/Pearl Sunday night. See you there!


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