Photos – Napkins Nights – Cameo 3-15-08

I would like to introduce to you my third husband. No, I don’t know why that girl is standing next to him. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation. And no, I’m not getting rid of the other two husbands. Why do you ask? A lady needs options, damn it!

I forgot to ask this one his name too. Oh well, I never was one for small talk.

Can I just tell you, Cameo fucking rocks! I know, I know, the name for Saturday is “Cameo Rocks” but they really need to add the adjective, because it does. Cameo so fucking rocks! OMG I love that club. Awesome, professional and polite staff. Beautiful crowd. Absolutely freaking great light show. A voyeur’s wet dream with all the balconies. A full house without that “OMG I’m a sardine” feeling. Best temperature control I’ve ever experienced in a club. Music level just right. And OMFG Shawn Rudnick! I love this guy!!


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