Soldier Ride Revisted

Soldier Ride – Feb 2006 – Wounded Warrior Project

On Feb 7, 2008 I blogged about my experience photographing the annual awareness raising effort for wounded military men, Soldier Ride, in Feb 2006 in South Beach. Now, two months later I still get hits each week from people who are searching for information on Soldier Ride.

Click to enbiggen

Click to enbiggen

It is for those of you looking that I have updated the photo gallery to include all of the photos I shot that day. The old gallery of just a few shots is still available on SobeStreets.

And now you have the option of seeing everything from that day in the new slide show. There are 195 photos there. The link takes you to the thumbnail page. Click on any thumbnail to start the slide show. All images in the slide show are large size (640px on the long side). Like this one:

I confess I wimped out and used Photoshop to make the slideshow instead of coding it myself like I normally do, but dude, 195 hand-coded pages is a HELLA LOTTA pages to write. Forgive me. If the web stats show that this is still a popular gallery then I will suck it up and code it all out properly.

Until then please enjoy the Photoshop convenience.

I put ALL the photos from that day into the slide show instead of picking a few like I did for the original gallery because if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is what I (the photographer) think is a good pic and what you (the end user) think is a good pic are rarely one and the same. So I put them all up there.

If you were there that day and you want any images for your own use please feel free to save as many as you like.

Click to enbiggen

The old gallery of just a few images:

The new gallery of all the images:

About Soldier Ride:
The Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride is a rehabilitative cycling program for wounded warriors. For many of these combat-wounded veterans, Soldier Ride provides the first steps in the return to an active lifestyle.
For more information or to get involved please visit the Wounded Warrior Project website at:

See also:


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