PHOTOS – Aqua Girl 08 – Aqualicious Pool Party

Aqua Girl 08 – Aqualicious Pool Party at the Surfcomber Resort.
Aqua Girl pool party

I think this is the best party I have seen yet in Miami. Could have used a few guys, but whatever. heh heh

Seriously though, the pool at the Surfcomber was PACKED. I would guess there was easily three times as many people there for Aqua Girl than there was for WMC. I was in awe. Amazing turnout. I wish I was a lesbian because there were some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Wow.

My one and only gripe: no shade. Anywhere. For WMC there were lots of places to get out of the sun and cool off a bit. For Aqua Girl the weather was much hotter but there wasn’t any place to escape. I didn’t last barely 30 minutes before I had to call it a day because I was so over heated. And you know you don’t fuck around with our sun when your body says it’s time for a break.

Keep in mind i am the one who likes being hot. I am the one who doesn’t use A.C. in her apartment because even the lowest setting is too cold for me. And I couldn’t take the heat. If there was shaded areas I could have kept working but there was nothing.

I am so disappointed because this was such an awesome fucking party. I could have spend hours working it and still not covered half of the people there.

Boo hiss! 😦

My only consolation is that there were hella lotta other photographers there so hopefully everyone got as many pictures as they like.

When the link is ready at Napkin Nights I will update this post. Then you will be able to view the pics bigga.
Until then, enjoy the little view…
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party
Aqua Girl pool party

Now on its fifth year, Aqua Girl is the largest benefit women’s week in the United States. 100% of the proceeds raised during the week go directly back into the community.

Aqua Girl 08 is produced by Aqua Foundation for Women. The Aqua Foundation for Women was created to promote the strength, health, equality and visibility of South Florida’s lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LBTQ) women.


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