I’m only a tiny wee bit obsessed

It makes me mad that in addition to stealing my post, the Journalgers splogg site is also stealing my bandwidth. There’s not much I can do about it. But in cases such as these I do like to change the name of the photo so that at the very minimum, the other site gets a dead link, and at best, they get a new pic heh heh

The original pic is named slavasnowball.jpg:

It has been renamed slavasnowball-1.jpg in an attempt to break the original link and to allow me to put a new, more interesting picture in place of slava’s snow ball.

I went in to my Media gallery and tried to rename the jpg. Couldn’t find a way to do it so I just deleted the photo and re-uploaded it under the new name (slavasnowball-1.jpg). From there I edited my Slava post with the new jpg name so that MY links remain good.

Then I TRIED, over and over and over and Over and OVER and OVERRRRRRRRRRRR again (only a WEE bit obsessed, remember?) to upload a new image using the old name slavasnowball.jpg.

There appears to be a glitch, or perhaps a overwhelming force of evil, that prevents this from being allowed.

When I upload the new pic wearing the old name of slavasnowball.jpg, in the uploading window it shows the new image correctly coming from my harddrive:

but then after the upload completes and the image appears with the option to “insert into post” this is the image staring back at me:

Bloody fucking hell!!!

Pure witchcraft, I tell you.


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