WTF? Who is Journalgers and why are they taking my posts?

I just saw one of my posts on Technorati… on someone else’s blog.

A place called Journalgers has copied my post about Slava’s Snow Show, but does not say that they took it from my site nor do they give a link back to my site.

It looks like plagiarism to me. And I am pissed.

I know there is a lot of theft on the Internet. I don’t care if “everyone does it”. It is still wrong.

Here is my original post:

Here is the post on Journalgers:

Crap like this really gets my goat.



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  1. Tami, that Journalgers site is a “splogg” or “spam blog.” It runs under WordPress and is most likely set up to run unattended and automatically steal articles from hundreds of other blogs at random.

    Why would someone do this? Well, if you look over on the right side you’ll see a link to “Cheap Viagra.” That’s this site’s one and only purpose –to funnel links for the purpose of search engine rankings to that Viagra site. (When you linked to Journalgers in your post above, you gave them another link boost.)

    There are programs available which will set these sploggs up at the rate of several hundred per hour, and chances are that this person has thousands of these sites set up.

    I’ve probably sent several hundred DMCA take-down notices to Google, but unfortunately the spammers can produce these sploggs faster than people can report them.

    Anyone who puts out good content will most likely be affected by these thieves sooner or later.

  2. Joseph,
    Thank you for that little bit of sanity.

    I had not heard of sloggs but I was wondering if this was just such a thing because the place did seem to be auto-generated and all the content was lifted directly from other sites. The Viagra add did catch my eye and I wondered if a site like that is a new advertising model to get clicks.

    Looks like now I have my answer.

    while I was at Technorati I did see another of my posts on a similar looking site, but when I went to look the blog had already been deleted.

    In place of the Slava snowball pic I tried uploading a new graphic that I made that says this “this post has been stolen” from my blog along with a link to my blog.

    In addition to stealing my writing, they are also stealing my bandwidth by hotlinking to the photo. But WordPress seems to have some glitch that doesn’t let you upload a new photo under the same name as a photo already posted.

    What luck that I usually host all images on SobeStreets so that I can move or delete them easily, but this time I hosted the photo on WordPress and now I can’t even sneak a new image into their their website.

  3. Tami, sorry your content got ripped off. Here are a few suggestions I have posted about in the past about fighting splogging and scraping with some links to other good resources on the subject.

    I have also marked the offending site as a splog in Technorati.

    Good luck blogging.

  4. I am impressed!

    I never dreamed I would hear from Technorati or have them write me with suggestions of help.

    And I didn’t know this situation could be reported and have the thieves marked as a splogger. Someone else must have reported on my behalf and you guys looked into it AND responded!?!?!


    In these crazy times I can’t even get my phone company on the phone but Technorati took the first step here and contacted me.

    Very, very impressive, guys.

    Thank you Dorion Carroll and thank you Technorati.

  5. They’ve actually pinched an illustration I created (which took me quite some time to create) and put it on one of their sales pages here..

    But at least they quoted my site (cloudedyellow) as the source I suppose.

  6. Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . 🙂

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