Monthly Archives: August 2008

I hates them

Get this… after 7 weeks of almost daily calls to tech support, Earthlink can’t figure out how to set the correct settings on their server so that I can get online, so…. they have declared my phone line “technically incapable of receiving DSL service”, (now remember, this is the same phone line that I have had DSL service on for almost a year. I only lost it temporarily because my phone was disconnected), and told me I have to cancel my current DSL service with them and order new “line powered voice” service. I asked them what powered voice service is. Oh that? It is…wait for it… DSL. Just costs a lot more than what I am paying for now.


I’m not doing it.

So now i am scrambling to redirect 9 years worth of contacts at my primary Earthlink email address to… I don’t know where… but I have to find something fast before I officially disconnect from Earthlink. In the meantime I am still “enjoying” dialup service.

So effective immediately, consider my Earthlink email addresses null and void.


It’s getting hot in here!

Just a friendly note to the clubs…

Dude, this isn’t a Bikram Yoga class. Turn the damn A.C. on.

Did someone break the Internets?

For almost two weeks now virtually every page I try to surf to comes up “unable to connect to server”.

No gud, papa. As Delroy would say.

My how…random

“You should photograph lions in Kenya… you have the eye”

That was her response when I showed her the photo I had just snapped of her and her friend.