I hates them

Get this… after 7 weeks of almost daily calls to tech support, Earthlink can’t figure out how to set the correct settings on their server so that I can get online, so…. they have declared my phone line “technically incapable of receiving DSL service”, (now remember, this is the same phone line that I have had DSL service on for almost a year. I only lost it temporarily because my phone was disconnected), and told me I have to cancel my current DSL service with them and order new “line powered voice” service. I asked them what powered voice service is. Oh that? It is…wait for it… DSL. Just costs a lot more than what I am paying for now.


I’m not doing it.

So now i am scrambling to redirect 9 years worth of contacts at my primary Earthlink email address to… I don’t know where… but I have to find something fast before I officially disconnect from Earthlink. In the meantime I am still “enjoying” dialup service.

So effective immediately, consider my Earthlink email addresses null and void.


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