img_0332.jpg I am…a writer… a photographer… a bartender… a knitwear designer… a blogger and an Internet junkie. I write about variety of topics such the events happening in and around the Miami area, Pagan and Wiccan issues, massage, bodywork and energy healing, and tips about knitting.

  1. Christiana Goranitis

    Hey Tami,
    what you are doing is great and very unique! I didn’t know you were into all this stuff!wow, great work you’ve done so far, I’m sure you’ll keep it up! i took a quick glance at the blog so i’ll give you more feedback when i see you! Take care and see u at the Pink!!

  2. Hello,
    I am the founder, composer and the lead guitarist of a Turkish flamenco group which is called “mavisiyah”.
    We have reached information about your festival and we would like to attend this grat organization.
    Our band combines flamenco with Turkish music and instruments which gives a more oriental taste to our music.
    You can check out our website and youtube to have idea about us.
    If you are interested in, please contact us.
    Your’s faithfully
    Ceyhun GUNES

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