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Great Guinness Toast – Where? -updated

The Great Guinness Toast

Where? Where? Where?

The Great Guinness Toast

Everyone wants to know where to go for The Great Guinness Toast.

The answer is simple: Any place where Guinness beer is served.

Get all of your friend together, raise a glass at 11pm and you’re in.
To quote Chef Tell, “Very simple, very easy”.

Have someone take a picture of you all together and email it to the Guinness people.

It really is just that easy.

As a community service, we’ll start a list here of local watering holes serving Guinness beer. Add your favorite location in the comments and I will update this post for all to see.

  • Finnegan’s Way – Ocean Drive – Miami Beach
  • Finnegans’ 2 – Lincoln Road – Miami Beach
  • Finnegan’s on the River -Miami
  • The Playwright – 13th & Washington – Miami Beach
  • Ted’s Hideaway – 124 2nd Ave – Miami Beach
    (I’m guessing his other places will have Guinness too. Dewey’s? Liquor Lounge? Free Spirits?)
  • Big Pink – 2nd & Collins – Miami Beach
    (Stop laughing. I know we’re not an Irish pub, but I talked Keegan into it and we are so totally onboard!)
  • Lost Weekend – 218 EspaƱola Way – Miami Beach
  • Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant – 1430 Alton Rd – Miami Beach

Basically, almost all the local’s favorites will be in on the party.

Help me out people, where else can we go tomorrow night?

Note: Clarke’s said they will not be participating. I don’t know why, but that is their choice.
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Soldier Ride

The 2008 Soldier Ride took place last month, but I am blogging about it now so that I remember it next year. I am so grateful for the sacrifices our soldiers make on behalf of the American people, so I want to give them a little attention here.

So sorry to be blogging something in the past tense, but I believe saying ‘thank you’ never goes out of style.

Back in Feb of 2006 I was working for Finnegan’s Way on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. We were fortunate enough to be involved with the Soldier Ride fundraising effort.

Soldier Ride is a bike ride put on by the Wounded Warrior Project. The ride began in the morning at Finnegan’s Way in Miami Beach and ended later that afternoon at Finnegan’s on the River in Miami.

I went through so many emotions while photographing and getting to know the guys. They were so young. That was the hardest part. So young…so many losses…so not necessary.

Inspite of their losses, the soldiers were all in good spirits and enjoying the day. It was remarkable to me to see these men who had lost a leg, an arm or their vision and still not feel sorry for themselves. All of them had a “Let’s go!” attitude and did not allow their disability hold them back.

Quite sobering for those of us who tend to use excuses for why we can’t accomplish our desires.

This was my first time being so close to so many war injuries. There were moments of uncomfort as I struggled to decide how to interact with these guys. What is socially correct? Is it rude to stare? Is it OK to ask questions? Are they going to be offended if I take pictures?

I was quite intimidated at first, but slowly warmed up as I spoke with more and more soldiers. These guys are a lot of fun to be with, and the most inspiring people I had ever met.

I hope I get to see them again if they come to Miami in 2009.

Please visit the Soldier Ride gallery and let me know what you think.

Soldier Ride