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LOL! Margaret and Helen – my two new heroines

Margaret and Helen. Best friends for sixty years and counting.

This is Helen’s rant on the bigotry, lies and deception coming from the Republican Right.

Harold isn’t Muslim. He’s Catholic. I’m Methodist. Somehow we’ve managed to live peacefully married for 57 years. We didn’t get married in the church. As far as I am concerned that was no great loss. A short ceremony meant I got to eat cake sooner.

And just like Harold, Barack Hussein Obama isn’t a Muslim either… unless of course you attend a McCain rally where they think he’s either Muslim, a terrorist sympathizer, or not a United States citizen. Most recently they are calling him a socialist. They probably think that is some type of religion too. Smart ones those McCain supporters. One week they want to beat him up for something Rev. Wright said and the next week they want to hate him for being Muslim. For crying out loud people, he’s Christian. But exactly what would be the issue if he were a Muslim?…

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