Monthly Archives: June 2009

Why do people leave their dog in a hot car?

While I was walking to work this morning I passed a car and noticed a dog inside. Who could be so stupid? It was just after 10 a.m. and already the temperature on the bank clock was at 89 degrees. Inside a car the temperature is even hotter.

I called the police and asked them if there was anything they could do, and they said they would send someone over. I waited at the car and kept on eye on the dog.

About 10 minutes later the owners of the car walked up and asked me what was going on. I told them they can’t leave their dog like that so they had to wait here because the police were on their way.

The police arrived moments later and what happened next had me so pissed off I was steaming for hours afterwards. The cop walks up to us and the couple start COMPLAINING that “this lady said we’re not allowed to leave the dog in the car” and then starting whining that it is no big deal because they just went to have breakfast and they parked in the shade and they left the window open a crack and it isn’t even hot out yet…

That is when I cut them off and told them that it is already 89 degrees “officially” on the bank clock, it is clearly hotter than that here on the street (Washington Ave is HOT), and it is MUCH hotter inside a parked car with no A.C. and explained that the temperature inside a car rises quickly. Every year dogs die from this stupidity.

The cop just shrugged and said, “So it’s done now, right?” and said they could go. I wanted to punch him right in the face.

Anyone who leaves a dog in the car like that should be forced to put on a fur coat and sit in that same heat for 20 minutes, which is at least how much time the dog was trapped in the car. Then come back and tell me it’s no big deal.

Aren’t there any laws for this? Or is it only after the dog dies that it is finally considered cruelty to animals? Kind of late to act at that point.