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That’s the mnemonic to remember how to get back to the Beach when you are at the bus station downtown and you don’t care which bus you ride, you just want to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

This little gem comes to us from Lil Pony, who writes a entertaining blog about Miami Dade Transit.

When you are waiting at Omni Station, do you have trouble remembering which busses go to the Beach? It’s simple! Any bus whose letter designation can be found in the phrase “MIAMI SUCKS” will take you to the beach. The M, A, S, C, and K all go there. U and I don’t count.

Interama: Miami and the Inter-American Dream

What to do, what to do….

While we all wait patiently for our faithful friend Bacardi to sponsor another fabulous event, lets get some culture in us, eh?
There are a number of interesting options at the various museums and art centers around South Florida.

One to check out this week is Interama: Miami and the Inter-American Dream at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

Walk into a re-creation of Interama—Miami’s futuristic fair of the Americas from the 1960s. Under development for decades, Interama was never built, but captured the imagination of planners, architects and public officials during an era when Miami increasingly perceived itself as a hemispheric crossroads.

Sounds interesting. And I can’t help but chuckle over the line, “Under development for decades, Interama was never built…” Some things never change.

Interama is on display until Jan 2009 at the museum. Now don’t going using that as an excuse to put it off until later. You know we will have more than enough activities coming up in the next months to keep us all busy until the new year.

Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 W Flagler St
Miami FL 33130
(305) 375-1492

Transportation is easy. The museum is located inside the Miami Dade Cultural Center next to Government Center Station. Any bus that goes downtown to the Government Center Station will get you there quick and easy.

OK, maybe not quick and easy, but you’ll get there eventually. And with a story to tell, no doubt.