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Photos – Cosplay Tuesdays at Sushi Samba

I love this party. I really, really do. I think the performers of CircX are absolutely brilliant. I bow very deeply to Diana, the leader of the troupe. Her ability to create visually stunning art each and every week is truly awe inspiring. Every week CircX does something entirely different from the week before. I don’t know where their ideas come from, but somewhere out there, there is a Muse working overtime to keep these people in business.

This week they had a burlesque show again. Very professional, well done and very sexy.

cosplay tuesday sushi samba

cosplay tuesday sushi samba

cosplay tuesday sushi samba

cosplay tuesday sushi samba

cosplay tuesday sushi samba

Photographer/DJ Tom Grizzle is also there shooting and he projects his pics up on the wall so you can see your image moments after it is taken. So cool! Resident DJ’s Lalo C and Jazzy Eyewear manage to play a perfect mix each week.

This is the portion of the show where I direct you to the link which leads you to the album located at Napkin Nights where you can download a copy of the photos for free. However, this particular week you won’t find most of these photos at NapkinNights as they were deemed “repetitive” and were deleted at break neck speed.

My apologies to everyone for whom I promised copies of the entire burlesque show. It was a good one, wasn’t it?

The other photos from Cosplay are available for your viewing pleasure here:

His buttocks are sublime

Truly, a work of art

Cosplay at Sushi Samba is probably the funnest party going right now.